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The Zombie Devotional–A Failed Masterpiece

So I had this brilliant idea while I was waiting and waiting and waiting for some friends to finish critiquing a manuscript for me. Now I am not overly fond of zombies. In fact it is the one movie genre that I simply cannot watch, even if it is funny or badly made, I don’t do zombies. Gives me nightmares and embarrassing episodes of sleepwalking. But I was amazed by the sheer number of “zombie verses” in the Bible for after noticing one I kept seeing more and more everywhere I turned. I found over 40 and I was barely looking. And so I tried my hand at writing a zombie devotional. It was an exorcize in futility. Not for lack of verses, but because all zombie verses sound the same (you were dead without God, there is new life in Christ, faith w/o works is dead…) and a devotional needs some variety. But I did spend about 5 months of hard work on this. I even made up a pseudonym and had one of our counselors pose for a photo as my alter ego. And so, since I hate to waste all the work, I’m going to post some of my zombie devotionals…just because.

Left to Love: A Zombie Devotional
by Guardado del Decaimiento

My Alter Ego

Colossians 2:19—“He has lost connection with the Head, from whom the whole body, supported and held together by its ligaments and sinews, grows as God causes it to grow.”

There is a boundary. A thick tangle of invisible wall that separates the spiritual from the physical. It has been standing beside us in so strong and steady a vigil that we are want to view life on purely physical terms all too often. But as the end rushed ever nearer there appeared a crack, that grew to be a breach, and when the wall finally fell we here on earth began to see that the spiritual is as fierce a reality as anything that had ever touched our limited physical world. And that is when the plague began.

For 2,000 years we calmly read scripture that shouted out the dangers of living a life as an enemy of God. The horrors of ignoring ones creator and going your own way. We read that those who would live must listen to Christ the head of the body, but until the barrier was breached we never truly realized the horror of life without life. What does one get when there is a rebellious body? A being who refuses the instructions of its brain and sets out alone. Rogue and reckless.

I mean anyone could have worked it out if we had paused and thought, but of course no one did. A body whose brain is no longer in control is dead. The heart does not receive the impulse to pump, blood no longer rushes oxygen to each cell, the lungs are unable to pull oxygen from the room, not without the brain’s command. But say that body, though dead, continues on its way, animated and intent on living life on its own terms at last. What do you have? Isn’t it obvious?

And thus there was the birth of the modern zombie. And since so many had chosen life apart from Christ, a plague of the undead quickly ensued. And to think that we had smiled so calmly at spiritual death just a few months before. Before it could shuffle down the isle of Jack Johnson’s Hardware store and jump out from behind the sandpaper display to sink its teeth into your shoulder. Inner death took on a whole new kind of import once the zombie apocalypse had begun.


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3 thoughts on “The Zombie Devotional–A Failed Masterpiece

  • Grandma Judy

    Very creative and thought provoking. I never ever thought of zombies being referred to in the Scripture. Amazing!

    Love to you.

  • Samantha

    So, which counselor got the privilege of being your alter ego?

  • Grandma Judy

    I don’t think you should give up. Just ponder some more. Leave the idea on the back burner to come back to now and then. Please, it may be well worth the time and computer space to let it simmer awhile.

    You could just approach it from another angle. Look at those ‘zombie’ Scriptures in a different light, like, touch on the ‘dead without Christ’ but emphasize the new life He offers, touch on the fact that faith w/o works is dead but emphasize the fact that works are an outward sign or display of the faith that is alive inside. You could make it a transformational manual for zombies, or ‘News Flash: Made Alive’ or something much better than I can come up with. Don’t give up just yet.

    Love to you.

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