Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–Gives himself a nickname, after I suggest “Green Machine”, he makes it just a little bit more exciting–“I’m a nakey green machine punch to punch cockroaches machine!”

Sweet Boy#3–“Can you cut the cover of mine orange off?”

Bible stories and theology in general takes interesting turns in the hands of small children. We read the story of Gideon together and this is the personal application that Sweet Boy#2 determined to accomplish after being inspired by the story–“I will use blankies for weapons. I will throw a blanky in Satan’s eye!”

Sweet Boy#2–I explained that Robin Hood was an outlaw and he translated that for his brothers–“Yep, he just stayed outside.”

Sweet Boy#2–Staring longingly at the forbidden medical cupboard–“When you go up to Heaven, I’m going to eat vitamin C.”

The boys were covetously eying the Hunky Hubby’s new container of hair goop.
Sweet Boy#3–“When you put that on your hair, it grows to the roof!”
Sweet Boy#2–“And when you put it out the window it grows again!”
Sweet Boy#3–“Yeah, it grows to God!”

Sweet Boy#3–Chases Sweet Boy#2 with Daddy’s belt (and no we do not swat them with belts, this was his own idea)
Sweet Boy#2–“Don’t! Don’t! You love me!
Momma–“Belts are dangerous sweetie.”
Sweet Boy#3–“No, they’re grapple hooks.”


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  • mamagriffith

    Ha….Grapple hooks are a big thing here. Gregory loves to make them.

  • Grandma Judy

    You made me laugh on this rainy, dreary Monday morning! Thank you. The LORD woke me up with Rom. 8:28 in my mind, He is working hard to keep my spirits up. I am grateful!

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