Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week I read Reckless Cornelia Funke’s newest novel. I absolutely loved it. But it was amazingly different from her Inkheart trilogy. A bit darker with a male protagonist and the novel threw you right in the middle of events that you as the reader did not necessarily understand. It was different, but in this case different was good. Imagine that all of Grim’s fairy tales were real and that world was just entering the steam era, then you would have the setting for this book. I enjoyed every minute (ok, minus the part about the Hantzel and Gretal eating witch) but was mildly flabbergasted as to how an author can manage to change her style and still be so great. She did carry over the motif of moths from Inkheart, so I guess that was similar. But yeah, good book but different.

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