Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes


Sweet Boy#3–“I am shutting this door in anger!”–Yelled in his brothers’ general direction as he does indeed shut the door in anger.

I hear the terrible sound of foam being squeaked from the other room. I shout from the kitchen for the boys to stop squeaking foam packing material, only to realize that the culprit is Princess Leia, chewing up a huge piece of foam in a corner of the living room.

The Hunky Hubby has a difficult time getting the boys to pay attention to what he is saying while the TV is on. So he picks up the TV zapper to shut off the distraction. He is startled to realize that he is standing there in the living room, zapper in hand, aiming it at the boys and pushing the pause button. Strangely, the boys do not respond to the zapper nearly as well as the TV. He corrects his direction, aims at the TV, and then the boys are able to listen. I think there is a market for this: The Child Zapper–Guaranteed to pause your children for up to 35 seconds at a time, longer if cookies and match-box-cars are provided immediately.

I make a Star Wars character name mistake–Sweet Boy#3–“Momma, we are very amused with your version of Boba Fett, Bubba Fat!” This is followed by a barrage of boyish laughter of the mocking variety. Hey, I know he is Boba Fett, I was just accustomed to calling him Bubba Fat in my younger years and sometimes my brain gets stuck.

The Hunky Hubby leaves the van door cracked open as he is unloading our groceries. He realizes his mistake and rushes out to locate Princess Leia Freyja. Too late. She has already absconded with a take-and-bake pizza and a box of doughnuts. As she is allergic to wheat, Benadryl must be administered and of course we are without three pastries and half of the pizza.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

2 thoughts on “Boy Quotes

  • You find humor and joy in what others might see as ordinary life. Thank you!

  • Thank you, Stephanie. It is there, all over the place. Humor and beauty and just plain weirdness. Life is truly a blessing, once you look past all of the towering laundry to see it.

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