Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#1–“(Boy#1 and Boy#2) in my class are like Hiccup and Alvin the Treacherous. They are worst enemies.” He then goes on to explain how this one talkative little girl in his class is like Camikaze the Bog Burglar. Yep, we just read the latest How to Train Your Dragon book and he is seeing the world through dragon colored glasses.

Sweet Boy#3–“Calvin’s mom should have said ‘Chew one piece of gum’, like you guys did.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of cucumbers!”–Don’t worry, we have not let them watch the show…that doesn’t keep us from singing “Soft Kitty” to them from time to time.

Sweet Boy#3–singing while strumming a dulcimer–“I was in love with a girl, her name was Momma, you are so beautiful Momma!”

Sweet Boy#1–“…and then you saw hundreds of pikas on the couch!”–A pika is like a Himalayan bunny kind of thing.

Sweet Boy#3–“…and then you saw me surfing with Gilligan…”

Sweet Boy#2–He notices that his big brother slept an hour and a half longer than he did on Saturday morning–“Boy, I hope (sweet boy#1) doesn’t have lime disease? Have you noticed any rashes?


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