Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#1–“Whenever Treemonster’s claws touch something they put electricity into it, or poison, or fire…or lava!”

Sweet Boy#2–Comes back from store with Daddy. “I got five hairy fruits!” He proudly proclaims as he hands out Kiwi fruit.

Sweet Boy#2–“Don’t use your hairs and whiskers to wrestle me, only your hands and feet and belly button.” Apparently tickly whiskers are the little known fifth horse of the apocalypse.

Sweet Boy#2–My middle boy thought up a tasty recipe that he is going to cook for me when he grows up: “Washed chicken feet, carrots, ice cream, and sugar boiled.” Yum!

Sweet Boy#3–“Bat monsters need stinky water.”

Sweet Boy#2–“I don’t want to do school! I feel like I have a weird sickness.”


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