Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–I catch him singing “conjunction junction” after watching School House Rock. Then he informs me that: “Function means job…and conjunction junction’s function is loading trains.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Icicle missile at the TV!!!” Followed by the making of exploding noises.

Sweet Boy#3–“I heard a crunching noise coming from that Sparagus.” We were eating Asparagus…rather the adults in our home were eating asparagus and the children were closely observing.

Sweet Boy#2–“I’m gonna start scrubbing on my bellybutton.”

Sweet Boy#2–“I’m gonna have a secret base where my family goes, but we’re gonna need lots of tea down there.”

Sweet Boy#2–The two younger boys play an imaginary game for over an hour about fighting various monsters. They bounce around on the furniture shouting things back and fourth to each other like this–“I’m gonna go inside its mouth to its weak spot while you distract it by shooting its eye, and it has 10,000 eyes.”

Sweet Boy#2–Was pretending to be a “Creepy Creature” and one of the other creatures (his little brother) questioned him about this creepiness–“This is just my style” he replied.

Sweet Boy#3–Was playing an imaginary game that involved the boys all owning ships–“My ship, I have super-jump-to-roof-boots in it.”

Sweet Boy#2–A very cute little girl walks by him in the lunch room and says “Hi”. He mumbles “Hi” in return. The Hunky Hubby asks “Who is that”. “My girlfriend”, he replies in a matter of fact manner. Did I mention my middle boy is 6. Six years old, oh my.

Sweet Boy#1–Crawls in bed with me at 10:14 at night with a book about beetles–“Can I read you some interesting facts Momma?”


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  • Grandma Judy

    Love these! So glad that #1 loves to read. Reminds me of someone :0)

    Love to you.

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