Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Me–“You need to go outside for some fresh air.”

Theo–“The air in here is fresh enough. Actually, it’s too fresh. I need more stale air! Dad keeps opening the window and letting out the nice stale air!”

Theo–“I would only ever date someone who would assist me in taking over the world.”

Theo–“I am humor.”


Theo–“I only eat unlucky charms.”


Theo–“Theodore is just a longer way to spell sexy.”

So …as a mother, how worried should I be?

Theo–“Is there any more tea?”

Me–“What happened to your other tea?”

Theo–“I spilled it.”


Theo–“In Brennan’s laundry basket.”

Me–“Theo, stop popping that packaging material. It’s bothering Leia, see how her ears are sad looking?”

Theo–“Oh, woe is me, for her ears were sad looking!”

Theo–“Time heals all wounds, especially zombie bites!” This interesting statement was followed by alarmingly maniacal laughter.

Me–“Ha, listen to this quote.” I then proceed to read from a book to them. “She was as cute as a morning chipmunk.”


Brennan–“I’m a midnight chipmunk.”

Theo–“Mom! Scientists have proven that rats like to drive around in little cars. Not even for food, they just like to drive!”

Yes, kids, that is science at work! I think that many more teens would pour themselves into their studies if they knew that such endeavors awaited them post-graduation!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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