Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes


Dad–“Yes, have kids!”

Mom–“We miss the shorty years, before you were grumpy.”

Judah–“Well, if you need someone to act like a four-year-old, there’s always him.” He then points at his father.


Judah–Tears up the box that his new brake pads came in. When we mention that he might need that box, he scoffs. He tears it into about 50 teeny tiny pieces. The brake pads are the wrong size. He then proceeds to tape the 50 teeny tiny pieces back together so that he can return the brake pads to the auto parts store … .


Theo–On our backpacking trip to the Foss Lakes, he tries to pack a full-sized memory foam pillow and a 1,000 page epic fantasy novel. We force him to use a smaller pillow and take a smaller book and he is greatly vexed.

Theo–After coming home from a four-day backpacking trip where we are trudging in the dust, mud, and mosquitoes … he does not want to shower. We force him to do so as we can literally see the grime upon his handsome visage.


The boys tease me for not reading the swear words in the story we are reading aloud as a family.

Mom–“If I read them, then you might start saying them and then you’ll tell people, “I learned all my swear words from my mother!”

Theo–“All I learned at school was different kinds of swear words.”

Hmmm … well, I’m not sure that this statement makes me feel any better. But it is good to hear that his education has been extensive … I guess.


Dad–“Does that sound good?”


Dad–“Humph, huh? You sound like a Minecraft cow.”


Princess Leia Freyja won’t go on a walk with me until I mention that our intern is coming! No, seriously. She was curled up on the couch beside Scruffy and I said, “Leia, let’s go on a walk!” Nothing. So then I said, “Epona’s coming. Let’s go find Epona.” Upon hearing this info, Leia scrambles off the couch, follows me down the stairs, and gallops over to camp where she begins searching for Epona. Whenever we are looking for Epona, she always runs to the places we are most likely to find her. Epona’s cabin and the office where she writes. Once we find her, Leia goes on a walk all prancy and perky and pleased, not dragging and weary like she gets when I force her. Ha! Apparently, I am not cool enough for my own dog.


Theo–Generously offers to do the dishes one time if I will let him take a hunter’s safety course, shoot a coyote, and then practice amateur taxidermy in my kitchen sink! It’s not the first two items that I have a problem with … if you were wondering. 





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