Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

Ice burg Surfing

Fun mountain activities? I’ve been asked by city friends if we’re bored living up here in the woods. They point out that finding a pottery class or swing dance lessons or local concert can be difficult in the country. So … how do my sons spend their time once I pry them away from their video games and kick them outside?


These photos are from March, which is a lovely time of year for one of my sons’ favorite activities … Ice burg Surfing!

Before one can surf an ice burg, one must have an ice burg to surf. Thus, some chopping is required. Here, Scruffy observes the boys and their friends as they break up the softening March ice with various tools including a pick ax and maul.

Sadly, the maul was lost during this activity. Which produced another activity that kept them busy all summer: Diving For the Maul!

Once an ice burg had been chopped free from the surrounding ice … it’s time to surf!

Do you think you could balance on the slippery surface of a floating piece of ice as it glided over the frigid waters of a March-cold pond?

Well, they are younger, more fit, and Judah has incredible balance. This shows their results, ha!

Here, their poor ice burg has completely submerged. They are all still standing on it … so I guess that counts as a success!

Don’t let anyone tell you there is nothing to do in the country. Sure, some activities might require tools (some of which might get lost), a fair amount of physical labor, and debilitating cold … but it is clear that they are having fun. Dare I say, even more fun than pottery class? So, what is your favorite thing to do in March and have you ever lost a maul while doing it?



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