Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

The Hunky Hubby asks Sweet Boy#1 what is wrong after he tells them that yes they can keep riding their bikes after bedtime.

Sweet Boy#1–“…I don’t know…Momma wouldn’t let us do this. You’re just being more Awesome!”


Sweet Boy#3–“I can’t wait to show Maggie (my mom’s puppy) my new sword!”

Sweet Boy#2–Was playing Zelda Twilight Princess with Daddy–He gives me a sweet little smile–“I named my horse ‘Peace’.”

We have been reading TinTin comics together and some of them take place in India. There is a character who is a Fakir. An Indian holy man and magician kind of guy who swallows swords and walks on coals and stuff. He is a favorite among the boys and Sweet Boy#3 begins talking about the story on our walk. Then he starts chanting and leaping and waving his arms in the air saying: “Fakir! Fakir! Fakir! Fakir!!!” –An awkward Momma moment to say the least.

I offer Sweet Boy#3 a drink from my cup and he scowls at me and puts his hand on my forehead–“Are you still fevered?”


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