Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“I thought of a great thing that turns things that are not alive, alive. It turns towels into squids.”

Sweet Boy#3–Makes a “lava gun” for me out of Konex and gives it to me as a gift.

Sweet Boy#3–Has started referring to me as “Ma”, despite the fact that he has never viewed “Little House on the Prairie”.

Sweet Boy#2 and Sweet Boy#3–Made their flossers into rockets and flew them to planet Caterpillar, sausage, pickle, leaf, and butterfly.

Sweet Boy#2–“A monster’s munch munch munching your undies.”

Sweet Boy#2–Told his little brother, “Your hair’s being munched off because it’s badguy hair.”

All three boys–Held a heated discussion over who would be the winner in a battle between a bear and a “war bunny”.

Sweet Boy#1–I start to leave the dark bedroom before he has finished putting away his jammies and he explains why he needs me to stay. “Momma, your like my light.”

Sweet Boy#3–Asks for a “Puppy Seed Muffin.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Let’s play Bunny Brothers.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I like to pee on the floor!!!”

Sweet Boy#3–“Why do you don’t swaller salt water?”

Sweet Boy#3–“When I fell off the beanbag, my undies broke.”


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