Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“I’m a pizza with slugs inside it.”

Sweet Boy#1–“I’m a Ninja Strawberry that you’re trying to eat.”


Daddy asks Sweet Boy#3 to pull his undies up because they are sagging.

Sweet Boy#3–“Yanks his undies down to his ankles and puts his fists on his hips in defiance. “Humph!”


Sweet Boy#1–“Remember that time you were a duck…well, I ate you.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Shamu, why are you directing your ear infection odors towards us?”–Our elderly dog has chronic ear infections.

Sweet Boy#1–“Take a red Pikman, because they’re the most numerous.”

Sweet Boy#1–Talking about Shamu–“He’s a good dog, but his breath isn’t as good as he is.”


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