Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2—Shows me his StoryWorks magazine that they are using in class—“Someday, when you’re really good at writing, maybe you can get a story in StoryWorks.”—Well, I’ve got to try now.

The boys always cry out in horror whenever I start singing in the kitchen or around the house. “No no, Momma.” They are always horrified, unless I am singing them a bedtime song, then they put up with it. So … . —I was singing and then Sweet Boy#2 got the song stuck in his head—Sweet Boy#2—“Oh no! I’ve caught your horrible, terrible, evil singing!”

Momma—“You know that someone complimented me on my singing in church last week … and the week before.”

Sweet Boy#2—“What?!”—He was so incredulous. Other people might actually enjoy his mother’s terrible singing, inconceivable.


Boy Child—“You’re a Do Do Head!”

Different Boy Child—“No, You’re a Do Do Head!”

Momma—“Be kind, boys.”

Sweet Boy#3—“It’s just friendly brotherly love, Momma.”


Sweet Boy#2—“Without my glasses, I’m as blind as a bottom. Because bottoms don’t have eyes!”

Someone looks a little put out that we made her share the couch.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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