Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“My pumpkin is so scary, I can barely even look at it!”

I wear my jean skirt to church and Sweet Boy#3 says–“Momma, why do you want a dress made of pants?”

Sweet Boy#3–Gets permission to do some “gardening” at Grandma Judy’s. I catch him out in the garden, dramatically raising a hoe over his head and pausing to shout out “Die!” before smashing it down into the soil. He continues his gardening, yelling “Die! Die! Die!!!” with every chop of the tool. Apparently he is very anti-weed…

During the exiting gardening incident mentioned above Sweet Boy#3 had an accident. Here is a sampling of our conversation during the discovery and clean-up.

Sweet Boy#3–I had an accident…pooping And peeing.”

“I wonder what color it is?”

“Momma, do you know what kind it is…the really stinky kind!”

Then of course the grand finale was when he jumped around so much during the clean-up that he left a nice brown butt print on Grandma Judy’s bathroom wall. Don’t worry, she has lots of disinfectant.


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