Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“Poogle.”
Momma–“What’s that?”
Sweet Boy#3–“It’s a pizza…that’s rusted.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Stop! Tickle Sweet Boy#2, he’s the best target. I fight!”

Sweet Boy#3–“I wish we didn’t have lips.”

All 3 boys are playing “Three-tailed-geckos”–Sweet Boy#1–“Say you have three tails…or I’ll eat you!”

Sweet Boy#3–“Guess what! I’m your pet penguin that goes in a litter box.”

Sweet Boy#1–Explains why he wants to invite a little girl from class to his birthday. Besides her amazing math abilities, “She’s always so chirpy.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I love my new sweater, even when its spitted on.”

Sweet Boy#2–“I want my pet spider to have a stocking.”


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