Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3—Pats my leg and feels that it is sort of…pokey. I explained that I needed to shave. He solemnly informed me—“You should do it soon, because if someone feels right here (he pats my leg again) they’ll expect soft but…ugh!”

I am out in the living room while the boys are having their tub. Our power is off and so I had to put a small lantern in the bathroom to give them light. I hear this conversation—Sweet Boy#1—“Gasp! But that was Mom’s favorite.” Sweet Boy#2—“I didn’t know!” Hmmm…I went to investigate and discovered that my middle boy had dipped my favorite lantern flashlight thing into the tub. At least it wasn’t the toilet this time.

Sweet Boy#2–Brought home a pile of school papers in his backpack. One of them was a handwriting practice sheet. It read: “When it was raining fire the flaming dog dug into a well because he was on fire.”



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  • October 14, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    Love the quotes, expecially the ‘hairy leg’ one. Am laughing as I get ready for bed.

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