Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#?–“I accidentally kicked Painty (a pet chicken) and I said ‘I’m so sorry, Paintball’ and she said ‘Brawk brawk brawk brawk’ which is the same # of syllables as ‘I forgive you’.

Sweet Boy#2–“Momma, the chickens are playing fetch!” The boys are throwing a football and King runs and chases it and pecks the football when she finds it.

Sweet Boy#2–Draws a dragon picture–” They breathe water…actually they breathe storms!”

Sweet Boy#2 locks his brother inside the chicken coop.

Sweet Boy#2– “My friend at school had an idea for a holiday called ‘Kid’s Week.’ It’s a week for parents to go to school and kids get to boss parents around and have fun.”

Daddy– “So then if the parents are in school, then the kids will do all the work, cook, clean and pay bills?”
Sweet Boy#2– “No, the parents will do all the work and go to school. The kids will just play all day.”
Daddy– “I’m not sure you’ll get many takers on that idea.”

Sweet Boy#2 “Actually, my whole class is in for it.”


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