Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“I’m gonna be a man when I grow up that’s gonna be a commander of a store that’s called A Dollar Store Hooked to Our Dollar Store and it really is hooked to our dollar store.”


Momma-“Do you see a fish that matched 1+1?”

Sweet Boy#3–“Eleven, but it’s supposed to be 2.”


Sweet Boy#3–“Is it ok if I sleep in my backpack…it won’t wear out?”


Momma–“Do you want to read Calvin and Hobbs?”

Sweet Boy#2–“No Momma, I have a sickness deep inside me that won’t go away until I get to Heaven. It’s the sickness that makes me have my coughs and sneezes.”


Sweet Boy#2–“Even when I’m awake I can see things in my nind. On the potty  I’m still  imagining things, right now I’m imagining that the wind is pushing our house and trees are falling down.”

Sweet Boy#3–“After we put the last pancake in, I’m gonna wake him(Daddy) up…by gun!”

On the 2nd grade field trip we were playing “I Spy” on the bus and one of the little girls said “I spy something yellow” one of the other little girls pointed at me and guessed “Your teeth!”. Hmmm.

Sweet Boy#3–Eagerly prays and thanks God that he got to borrow a fishing pole for the kids fishing day. He also thanks God that the ice in his bag with his 3 fish melted.”


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  • Did you do the fishing day at the hatchery? My parents took the boys and they had so much fun! They even let Noah do it and I think he had more fun than Cory. He carried his fish around very proud and then ate a whole trout himself for dinner!

  • Yes, the boys did the fishing with Scruff and he said that they saw your boys there!

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