Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“What did you have for lunch Momma?”

Momma–“Green tea and a can of sardines.”   (I know, I know, I’m dieting that’s my only excuse)

Sweet Boy#3–“Is that a new kind? Cream of Sardine tea?”


Sweet Boy#3–I ask him to put away his slipper, his response–“Daddy puts it there! And he’s mostly taking care of me.”

I overhear an argument between all three boys. What was the point of dispute? Whether Calvin or his Mom was correct concerning the amount of sugar he consumed. “Calvin’s Mom is right, look at how many chocolate covered sugar bombs he ate!” “No, that’s not too much sugar at all….” The argument went something like that and was very interesting to listen to as a Mother.

Sweet Boy#1–Overhears me telling the Hunky Hubby that I’m going to make a mango carrot cake for my birthday later this month. Sweet Boy#1 is horrified–“You’re not supposed to work! It’s your birthday. You need to read all day. Daddy will make your cake…or ME!!!”



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