Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Momma–Sees Sweet Boy#1 run past wildly making his hands into a winged creature and says–“Oh, a little butterfly.”

Sweet Boy#1–“No, it’s a flying stripey bird-eating spider. It’s using its legs as wings.”  Ah…my mistake.

Sweet Boy#3–Looks proudly into the potty after a succesful attempt only to burst into inconsolable tears. Finally I calm him enough to understand his cries of despair–“The yellow pee is gone!”

Sweet Boy#2–While watching The Little Drummer Boy–“That looks like a squirrel not a baby.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Tickle Monster protects Daddy.”

Sweet Boy#1–I find him weeping great heart wrenching sobs in bed. Why…He found some mispelled words in a project he was working on for 1st grade.

Sweet Boy#2–While eating cheese bread–“When you dip it in milk it ‘tastez’ like shark flesh.”


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  • mamagriffith

    Gregory stayed up late one night crying over not remembering the days of the week. Poor smart little boys, so much pressure for such a young age.

  • You’re alive! I tried to call but first an automated male voice informed me that I need not dial a 1 before your number and on the second try an automated female voice sternly stated that a 1 was required. Attack of the androids has commenced.

  • Grandma Judy

    As usual, these are such treasures to be enjoyed and shared.

    Love to you.

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