Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#1–Always the scientist explains Jerry’s strange abilities in the Tom and Jerry cartoon. “Jerri has a way to warp himself. He goes from being tied up under the furniture (a whole giant pile of course) to sleeping in bed (beiside a flabbergasted Tom) in just a second.” He also told me that the mouse has mind reading abilities.

Sweet Boy#3–“Monster’s can’t hurt me, I’m Diamond Man!”
Sweet Boy#2–“But I’m a Pterodactle!”

Sweet Boy#3–I read a book to him called We are Bears which ends with “We are climbers, we are swimmers, we are diggers, we are sleepers, we are bears.” My youngest goes in to the potty and mutters to himself: “We are poopers and squirters and washers…and robots.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Hey, let’s play brother baby dragons and they’re still in the nest.”

Sweet Boy#2–“I’m your pet cat named Fire Pretzel.”

Sweet Boy#3–After he heard me singing “Away in a Manger” he becomes a superhero called “Cradle Man”.

Sweet Boy#3–Invents two video games: “Chicken Bros Mario” and “Center of Ice Guns”.

Sweet Boy#3–“Even, I can change this ice-gun to Ranbow-smell-gun.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I don’t like gravy, it tastes like mittens to me!


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  • mamagriffith

    hahahahahaha,…your oldest is the best. Gregory does that during movies too!

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