Writing News

Writing News

Well, I did not become a semi-finalist in that contest. Argh! But my friend Becca Whitham did. Yeah Becca!

I entered three different completed manuscripts in the contest and I do not mind sharing my highest scores for each one. It’s the other scores that I will keep to myself in horror and shame. Manuscript #1 got a high score of 92, manuscript #2 got an 85, and manuscript #3 also got an 85. And if any of the other judges had agreed with those three…I would be moving on. But the other judges gave me scores that I never saw in school, except for in P.E. and high school math, like at least 20 points lower than my high scores in some instances. Not sure what to do with this info…I might make a chart of all the judges different comments and see what they all agree on and what is just an individual opinion.

So, what have I learned from my contest experience…some people though I was awesome, and some thought that I completely sucked. But…despite the almost irresistible urge to quit, I guess I’ll just suck it up and write on. Because isn’t that what books are like? Some people love a book and other people can hate the exact same one and you just try to do a better job than the last time you sat down at the keyboard. And really, if I didn’t write I would have to pick up scrap-booking or gardening or…cleaning! Ugh, no my dreams lie with writing not within a sparkling bathroom or happily growing tomatoe. Maybe after I hide out and lick my wounds I’ll get up the nerve to enter again. And maybe I’ll be able to impress 2 out of 3 next time.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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