Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#1–Is playing a game where he has a dream machine. When his brothers are in his territory, he controls their dreams. He flips it to “Sweet Dreams” which involve a lot of cake and cookies and candy. Then Sweet Boy#1 would slip and accidentally hit the dream lever to “Bad Dreams”. Then the boys would run around the house yelling about scorpions and pirates attacking them. Then he must have pushed the lever somewhere between the two types of dreams because I saw the boys running by moaning and growling–“Chocolate Z-word, Argh, Chocolate Z-word, Argh, Chocolate Z-word!” The boys don’t say the word “Zombie”, but apparently that does not prevent them from playing “Chocolate Z-word”.

The boys are supposed to be in bed and I hear them laughing maniacally. I run in and find them throwing stuffed animals at each other. I take all of the stuffed animals away. Sweet Boy#1–Looks at me incredulously–“Then what will we throw at each other?”

I am trying to settle the boys down to sleep…for several hours. Two of the boys are calm, but I catch Sweet Boy#3 singing in his bed at the top of his lungs at 10:00 at night–“A zucchini shaped sarcophagus is where you’ll sleep!” Hmmm…to many veggie tales?

The Hunky Hubby catches Sweet Boy#1 sneaking something out of the car and into his room under his shirt late at night. He crept through the house looking over his shoulder and slinking around corners. The Hunky Hubby stopped him and made him reveal the contraband…it was his book. He wanted to read. And his Dad let him, because when I went to check on my sleeping boys before going to bed, guess who was hunkered underneath his covers with a flashlight and a book?


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