Writing Pilates

Writing Pilates

This weeks writing assignment is: Have Your Character Hang Out With Friends. I believe that my lovely sister is only blogging on the weekends and will continue to join us nest summer. But nonetheless, to view her weekend brilliance, please click here.

Have Your Character Hang Out With Friends

The problem with creating “Mighty Works of Mayhem” rather than “Simple Un-calculated Destruction” was that the horror is not revealed to your victim immediately. Bosomella and the squirrels staked out Miss Borka’s office from the thick twisting branches of an ancient oak and sat and waited and scittered and waited and threw nuts and waited and finally when the smallest and kindest squirrel of them all leaped upon the head of the largest and puffiest one and bit a chunk of fluff off the top of his ear Bosomella knew that some direction was in order.

She divided her minions into four color coded groups, painting their tails either red, blue, green, or yellow with various plants and pastes. Then she set up a rotation of activities.

Arts and crafts. Where squirrels made and painted little hats out of acorns or paper mache acorn banks shaped like warthogs.

Physical Fitness. Where the squirrels had to chase each other up and down up and down the oak for 30 minutes without stopping or the art and craft squirrels could pelt them with a large supply of pine cones that had been amassed for just such an occasion.

Mental Expansion. Where Bosomella lectured the squirrels on various theories about the universe. Was the world flat, or shaped like a large snail and kind of curled in on itself unfolding to move to a better location during times of famine? Were the stars actually gods blinking down upon you, or some gleaming type of heavenly clutter left lying about by a vast littering horde that had passed through many many years before? And most important of all. Was acorn hash or walnut stew the preferred dish for the birthday celebration of a second cousin once removed?

And finally Random Acts of Destruction. Where the squirrels practiced their skills in havoc and delinquency on unsuspecting hedgehogs and the occasional wandering toad.

All was well for three full days of scheduled programing until finally finally they heard the melodic sounds of Miss Borka screaming and swooning only to awaken and start screaming again. At Last, the fruits of their labors had ripened. At last, their time had come.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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    hey you! only threeish more weeks till you come and we do school together! I cant wait to share all your boy joys in person and watch the cusins play together.

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