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We had rainstorms over the entire Labor Day weekend. We never have rain this time of year. Living in Eastern Washington it is reasonable to go a month or longer in the summer without a single shower. Very strange. But this weather anamalie has made me realize something about my children. They love to be outside, they need to be outside, their little bodies and minds will not function properly if they are not outside. Every day, for hours. Even if it is pouring. I have tried to keep them in, I have tried to keep them on the porch at camp. They have been miserable and they don’t mind the rain at all. After fighting it all weekend I have decided to capitulate. We’ll go outside today, in the rain, for at least an hour. Hey, it’s what they need. And I suppose that’s what mothers do. Get drenched and grumpy for the welfare of their young brood. Beats getting burned at the stake I suppose.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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  • Gramdma Judy

    Yep, it certainly does beat getting burned at the stake! Thinking about playing in the rain, Costco has some really nice rain coats for kids. They have hoods, of course, are water proof, of course, and are lined so they are warm. If I was plush at this time I would buy one for each of my 10 little people.

    Hmmm, if you had a nice rain coat too, you might not feel so icky about playing in the rain and you wouldn’t get drenched.

    Love to you.

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