Writing Pilates

Writing Pilates

My lovely sister-in-law and I continue our exercises this week (writing exercise, not buns of steel, don’t fret my world famous “Buns of Marmalade” are still present) with the topic “Luke vs. Han”. If you care to share your very own thoughts concerning Luke vs. Han in the comments, we would of course swoon with delight. Her brilliance on this vital topic can be reached here: click here for mamagriffith. Enjoy.

Luke vs. Han

Some time ago I began to notice that there are mainly two sorts of heroes in movies and books.

The first I call the classic hero. He is either sweet and kind or gentlemanly and suave and he has incredible good luck, often knows what to do, and always looks good when doing it.

The Classic Hero

Luke Skywalker, Edward Cullen, Will Turner, Zorro, Percy Jackson, James Bond, Jack (from Lost), Captain Kirk, Stanley Yelnats,  John Wayne, Harry Potter…

Then there is that other kind of hero. His appearance is often ill-kept, a rogue at heart, and he mostly infuriates the heroines with his annoying and insensitive dialogue. And yet…there is something about him that a girl simply can’t dismiss.

The Scruffy Infuriating Rogue Hero

Han Solo, Jacob Black, Captain Jack Sparrow, Sawyer, Mel Gibson in both “Lethal Weapon” and “Road Warrior”, Harry Dresden, Maverick, Rick Blaine (Casablanca), Wolverine…

I have three sons and although they are only 5, 3, and 1 I am fairly certain what type of hero they are destined to become. I’ll tell you this much. We have one “classic hero” and two “scruffy infuriating heroes” populating our home. Can you guess who is who? Sweet boy # 1,2, or 3?

And who did I fall for? What kind of hero did I choose to spend a lifetime with? Well…there is just something about that Han Solo…


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

2 thoughts on “Writing Pilates

  • Grandma Judy

    Can’t resist commenting even though I should be drying my hair and charging into the morning. Sweet boy #1 is the classic hero while sweet boys #2 & #3 are the scruffy infuriating heroes that the female population find so aggravating but also irresistible.

    I’m eagerly awaiting you and your family’s arrival.

    Love to you

  • mamagriffith

    okay so I think sweet boy # 3’s manhood is escaping me at the moment but I see #2 being the snuggly romantic do anything for love guy and #1 saying hon…could you scoot a little further over the couch is only so big! he he I love your boys and cant wait to see what heros they become

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