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A Cabin Update

The boys bedtime is 7:30. But for probably 3 nights this week sweet boy #1 has kept himself awake until 10:00 designing his cabin. No, I have not allowed drafting paper into his bed, but using nothing save his little brain the child has been planning so strenuously that he can’t sleep. He just bounces around on his bunk spouting sentences like:

“I’ll make my imaginary cabin real when I’m 30 and build it in Alaska.”

“I will paint my cabin red, orange, yellow and blue, but only the boards I won’t paint the logs.”

“I will make my roof with a layer of straw for insulation and then a layer of insulation and then a layer of metal.”

“I will build a road to my cabin and a city so that I can buy things.”

“I will buy the metal and bricks, but I won’t have to buy the logs and straw.”

“I will run an extension cord down to another state so that I can have electricity in my cabin.”

Not sure how to turn the imagination off at 7:30 he is so thrilled he can barely get his sentences out fast enough, and that’s two hours past bedtime! Gotta love my little architect. But why why why won’t he sleep?


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

One thought on “A Cabin Update

  • Grandma Judy

    He comes by his imagination naturally. One of his parents used to boing around like him and was very wakeful at night because of imaginary issues. He and you will survive. I think that God will mold his imagination into something very special and useful for eternal purposes.

    Love to you

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