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Writing News–Book Contract #3!


Oh yeah!

Book Contract #3!

Pelican Book Group has a novella series called Christmas Extravaganza. Every year they release between ten and twenty-four Christmas novellas for the holiday season. These books can be purchased separately, or all together as a holiday gift card that one can easily stuff into a stocking.

Last Christmas I started wondering if by chance I could finish a Holiday story in time for the Extravaganza deadline (May 1st). I put on the Christmas music, did my dishes, and brainstormed Christmasy stories until the Hunky Hubby came and tried to confiscate all of the Christmas CDs. It was a mad dash to get this story finished and I had given up hope that my editor would buy it as most everyone else had heard back concerning their Christmas offerings. But finally, on August 25th, I heard from the publisher and she said that yes they wanted The Volk Advent.

Something else that really thrills me about this story is that I submitted it through their Watershed imprint, which is for teen readers. I have always wanted to write for teens but haven’t found a home for any of my teen stories. With an eighteen-year-old protagonist stuck in Siberia being chased by pet wolves on Christmas Eve, I thought this story might appeal to that elusive teen audience. Apparently someone else thinks so too, because this will be released through Watershed for the Christmas Extravaganza collection.


So if you are a teen, or a fan of humerus Gothic mysteries, or love Russian settings and abandoned castles, then tune back this Christmas.

Insert happy squealing noises and a bit of awkward dancing.


Oh…and Sweet Boy#1 took this picture for me as The Hunky Hubby was gone camp shopping. I’m so proud of him, he did such a great job. They grow up so fast…


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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