Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

It is that time of year again. With less than a week until school resumes, I dragged out the boys’ backpacks and began tossing everything that they’ve horded all summer. Papers, crumpled valentines, old art projects (yes I kept a few), and half-filled notebooks. While going through Sweet Boy#2’s composition notebook, I came across a few gems…


“Dear Mr. Jonson,

thank you for teaching me about rock climing. I went spear fishing at mad lakes with a homemade spear for the meat.


Sweet Boy#2”


and this lovely acrostic…

Thinks great

Has a pet chicken

Enduers a cold winter

Organizes chicken health


and finally, a dramatic retelling of a terrible injury…


One warm fall night we were going to Awana. I was as happy as a bear that found a bees nest. When we got there, the insects were chirping and cars were zipping by. It was a wonderful night. I saw trees and grass. I walked in. I signed up. I had everything I needed. We had chapel. It took thirty minutes. We did verses. Verses took eighteen minutes. Then we got to games. Each game was really short. Then we got to hockey. I made a few goals and I almost got a goal when a hockey stick smashed into my nose. Blood went flying. I screamed! Blood was pouring out. I got a tissue and covered my nose. Them games went by fast the rest of the time. It hurt really bad. Finally we went home.”


Oh how I love reading those bent and smashed notebooks in the bottom of their backpacks!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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