Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

The Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week


How to get a free car wash???

Allow your three boys to play outside without parental hovering. They will inevitably take their pet chickens on top of the car to play. The chickens will enjoy their field trip for a time and then proceed to poop on the car. Thus, a free car wash!


Hmmm…Sweet Boy#2 asked to go down to the cousins’ house to play. What he didn’t ask was if he could take his bottle of snow paint stuff and ask his only girl cousin to turn him into a “Smurf Zombie”. She also used fingernail polish and maybe a bit of eye liner. Very scary…and difficult to remove…even with copious amounts of finger nail polish remover applied to the face and hands. I just hope it comes off before school starts.

The winner this week…

The boys (and Leia) had an end of the summer camp out with The Hunky Hubby. They hauled our tent and many many snacks to the top of the tube hill and spent the night. The next day we sent them to clean and pack up. I told them I would come up to inspect their packing job and help them roll up the tent. I was informed that they did not need help. I inquired of The Hunky Hubby.

Momma–“Do you think the boys can pack up the tent alone?”

Hunky Hubby–“Oh yeah. Don’t worry about it.”

And so I released them, letting them know that I would just come to inspect. Before they left The Hunky Hubby asked if they would bring the tent down to our lawn before packing it, as the top of the tube hill is quite dirty and full of pine cones and sticks.

Some time later, three smiling and bouncing boys (and one incredibly dusty puppy) burst into the house and told me this story…

They were carrying the tent down the tube hill to our house. They carried it just as it was, completely set up, rather than break it down part way for transport. Sweet Boy#1 had tied Leia’s leash to his waist. Leia, seeing the open door of the tent and being young and inquisitive, leaped through the door and into the tent as they were walking down the tube hill. Since she weighs 40 pounds, she dragged Sweet Boy#1 after her and inside the tent as well. The tent began to roll down the steep hill with 1 boy and 1 puppy inside. As it rolled, the tent door smashed down on top of Sweet Boy#2 trapping him inside. The tent continued to roll all the way down the hill with 2 boys and 1 puppy inside. When it came to a stop, Sweet Boy#3, feeling left out, jumped inside as well.

They were very very dusty and usually do not lie.

While I do not have photographic evidence, strangely, I believe them. I have witnessed a great many amazing adventures perpetuated by these three young men. Thankfully the boys and the tent survived the adventure and while our puppy was liberally coated in dust and a bit wild-eyed she survived as well. She even put up a big whiny fuss when the boys rode off on their bikes without her. The Lord provided just the right pup for us I think. One who is up for any adventure with her boys.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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