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Writing News


The weekend that my sister and I have been waiting for all year has finally come and gone. We bought our new outfits, including shoes. We went on diets, we even refrained from drinking coffee so that the delicious coffee we consumed over our weekend would taste all the more delightful. And so thus prepared we set out together for our annual Northwest Christian Writer’s Renewal, a small local writer’s conference that we go to together every year. On our drive over we stopped to do something that neither of us had done before. Get a manicure! It was fabulous. Our nails looked all shiny and pretty and we felt very girly indeed. Then we ate dinner that we did not have to cook or clean up after. Ahhh the glory of it! Anyway, the whole weekend was wonderful once again, thanks to our husbands who bravely watched all of the kiddos so that we could go. I pitched my middle grade NaNoWriMo manuscript to two editors and a literary agent. Both editors took my one-sheet and said that they would put it on the desk of the fiction editor at their houses (they were both non-fiction editors) and the agent asked that I send her a proposal and 50 sample pages. The market is very tight right now and so the chance that they will buy my book is oh so slim, but there is hope and I am thrilled to be able to hope for this story. Of course we drank loads of coffee. There is this marvelous little coffee shop in Redmond called “Victor’s” and we went so frequently that the baristas recognized us. I had an almond rocha mocha and a mandarin mocha and a snickers mocha…it was all very yummy and well worth two months of dieting. We also attended great writing classes and really loved the key note speaker Angela Hunt. A fine and fabulous girls weekend and a much needed break. Thank you Hunky Hubby for making it happen. Now…what should I wear next year?





I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

4 thoughts on “Writing News

  • It’s always so fun to see you two each year and see what you are wearing! I heard some wonderful gossip – the only kind I like to pass on – about the sisters and their cool clothes and vibrant personalities. 🙂

    Thanks for making the Renewal a part of your life. We look forward to hearing your how your agent/editor contacts turn out.

  • We love the conference so much…in fact we think we could get away twice a year. Hint hint hint! It was so good to see you there and while I have not heard back from any agents or editors from the conference yet, Rolana got an e-mail from an editor from Focus on the Family asking her to send in more devotionals. You guys had a guy from Focus several years ago. So that was really encouraging! Can’t wait for next year, Mindy! Keep these great conferences coming.

  • So glad you both had a great time at the writers conference. Ah, the wonderful joy of someone else cooking and cleaning up after a meal! And Angela Hunt!… I would pretend to be a writer just to go listen to her!

  • You should have! That would have been super fun, Becca. Hmmm…the speaker is a university creative writing professor next year, but if there is another lady author that you might love I’ll let you know. We could all get our nails done!

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