Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Hmmm… These really aren’t boy quotes exactly. But they are boy stories and I already have something for Friday. So here goes.


On Mother’s Day the boys were so wonderful. They jumped out of bed with The Hunky Hubby and made me breakfast in bed. Well…Sweet Boys #1 and #2 worked on breakfast with Daddy while Sweet Boy#3 snuggled up with me in bed to make sure that I didn’t go anywhere. They made me a marvelous breakfast of Costco Muffins (just the tops and with butter) and grapes and strawberries and some very yummy coffee. Then we went to church together and went on a family hike up the Icicle River George Trail. We remembered water bottles for everyone, but forgot to grab a day pack. Luckily, the marvelous purse that my lovely sister bought me was shaped like a backpack. We loaded 5 water bottles into my purse and set out. It was a beautiful hike, but after several miles my purse was getting quite heavy. We stopped to rest and The Hunky Hubby tried to take my pack but since it was really a purse it wouldn’t fit. The thin straps really hurt your shoulders as a purse backpack isn’t really a backpack at all. Then my oldest, Sweet Boy#1 said: “I’ll carry it for you Momma!” He snatched up the heavy purse and took off down the trail. It was just one of those moments. Not letting him try to help you or teaching him how to help you…but actually seeing your son volunteer to help you in a real and tangible way and then follow through cheerfully. It was amazing. He is growing up so fast!

The cousins made up a new game to play with the boys. First one cousin crumbled up some crackers into Sweet Boy#3’s hair. Then Sweet Boy#3 waited and the chickens converged upon him. One of them fluttered up and landed on his back. Then she pecked the crackers out of his hair with wild abandon. More crackers in the hair, more happy chicken eating from Sweet Boy#3’s scalp. It was a fabulous game and they made it up all on their own.

The boys were getting rowdy and so I sent them outside to play for a few minutes. The Hunky Hubby was up on the hillside working on the bathroom in Mt. Panther Cabin at the camp. I heard shouting, loud and fierce shouting. What could it be? Well, the Hunky Hubby happened to glance down the hillside and see our 3 boys playing outside and burning off some energy. That was not a problem. The problem? How they were burning energy. All three of them had climbed on top of the flat roof of the camp woodshed. They were running on top of the roof at full speed, playing tag. The Hunky Hubby yelled and ran down to the woodshed. Finally they heard and stopped their bold game.  Yes indeedy, our house is full of action.


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