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This week we celebrated my Grandfather’s 92nd birthday! The boys love birthdays. We were scheduled to go down to my grandparents house for dinner and desert and the blowing out of candles and I told the boys the night before what was approaching. They were ecstatic. The first thing Sweet Boy #2 said as he hobbled from his/our bed the next day was: “It’s Grandpa’s Birthday!” And so they all rushed about the house acquiring gifts to wrap for him.

Sweet Boy #1 pulled an already wrapped illustration of our solar system that he had stashed under his bed for MY birthday and asked if I would mind him giving it to grandpa, and also raided the kitchen for a can of mixed fruit. Sweet Boy #2 carefully wrapped up a straw in paper towel and tape and also a small mason jar with a bit of soil and a really nice garden grub squiggling around inside. Then we survived a wiggly day of school and finally were off to the party.

Grandpa was quite impressed with all of his treasures. Especially the pirated solar system picture. And Sweet Boy #2 decided to give his beautiful grub to Grammy, who was appropriately appreciative knowing the sacrifice it is for a little boy to give up his very own garden critter. I had acquired some sugarless chocolate so Sweet Boy #3 was not left out. Although after Grandpa opened his, Sweet Boy #3, seeing that it was candy, snatched it back and ran off to hide it. We were able to pry it from his little fingers when the cake came out though. Good times.


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2 thoughts on “Breaking News

  • April 29, 2010 at 7:48 am

    I love your boy’s generous hearts. The fact that they would give things that were precious to themselves is huge. They sure love cake don’t they. Hmmm, cupcakes from Grandma Judy would probably be a good thing. Maybe I will bring some when I come for the retreat.

    Love to you.

  • April 29, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Have to tell you, Grammy called me and told me all about the birthday celebration. She was so tickled by Sweet Boy #2’s sacrificial gift and by how much #1 knew about the solar system. We laughed and smiled over the whole wonderful time. And, Grandpa told me about #3’s joke. What fun!

    Love to you.

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