Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

The Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

Sweet Boy#2 and Sweet Boy#3 beg Grandma Judy to give them a knitting lesson. Which she bravely does, and although there were no scarves or washrags created, finer swordsmanship has never been displayed by my two youngest before or since.

I bathed our 153lb dog this week. Inside, in the bathtub. Need I say more?

Sweet Boy#2–Pilfers a handful of uncooked oatmeal and stores it in my giant conch shell. Acts surprised when Sweet Boy#3 picks up the shell and inadvertently dumps oatmeal all over the floor. It is of course his little brother’s fault…of course.

In a very suspicious chain of events, Sweet Boy#2 steps on a tub shark in the bathroom. It squirts and gets his socks wet. Later we make a startling discovery, 2 wadded up socks in the toilet and a suspicious yellow substance in the soap dish and bathtub. Someone has gotten a wee bit confused…again.

Sweet Boy#2–Goes to put his banana peel in the gucky garbage, but does not come away empty handed. He retrieves an old eggshell and sneaks it into his room. Then he proceeds to crumble it into itsey bitsey pieces in the corner between his bed and their CD player…why I don’t know…science experiment?

But on the Heartwarming side of things, Sweet Boy#2 had to clean up the dirty clothes (he dumped it all over the room) and instead of standing back and laughing at his misfortune, Sweet Boy#3 rushed to help his brother without being asked. He picked up socks and was such a helper that I gave him a new pencil with bugs on it as a prize.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

2 thoughts on “The Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

  • Grandma Judy

    The swordsmanship was impressive. I’d forgotten how lethal knitting needles could be, the very reason why airlines banned them after 911.

    I’m thinking that Sweet Boy #2 will gradually develop a better memory, Hang in there, Mom 🙂 Good think he’s so very cute and personable, isn’t it! He makes me laugh so often!

    Much love to you.

  • Yes, cute and personable. I put that on his Kindergarten papers where they ask for your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

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