Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2 is talking about how he thinks that God made too many different kinds of animals and will tell Him that when he gets to heaven. Sweet Boy#1–“God wouldn’t want (sweet boy#2) in Heaven if he argued with Him.” Hmmmm, I think it is time to read through the Psalms.

We read about St. Nicholas and dowry’s in our history book. Sweet Boy#2 is impressed. “I’m saving up all my money to get married someday.” Of course boy’s never needed a dowry…but I’ll let him save anyway, couldn’t hurt.

Sweet Boy#2 wants to make sandwiches for us for breakfast, and when we sit down to eat he confides–“I love you so much I made your sandwich first.”

Sweet Boy#2–“I love you so much I’ll grow up to be a Daddy! And you will be a grandpa and Daddy will be a grandpa and our house will be Grandma’s house.”

Sweet Boy#2–Proposes marriage…but I’m forced to inform him that Daddy already asked me.

Sweet Boy#3–Insults his brother deeply by calling him–“Mine stinky button”.

Sweet Boy#2–“When I grow up I’m going to do things out of control.” Yeah…I can see that happening.


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