The End of an Era

We went to a funeral for my neighbor last month.

I’ve lived next door to him on this high, mountain meadow since I was eight years old.

We went to a funeral for the founder of the Bible Camp where my husband and I live and work.

I have worked at Camas Meadows Bible Camp since I was fourteen years old.

My husband has worked here for our entire marriage and then some, for the last 23 years.

We went to a funeral where two of our sons were pallbearers.

We went to a funeral for a man who started following the Lord after his fiftieth birthday.

We went to a funeral for a man who offered 20 acres to God, prayed, listened, and promptly retired to start a youth camp. Something he had no idea how to do.

We went to the funeral of a man who reached a hundred and four years … and truly lived every single one of those days.

We went to a funeral for my grandfather, Delbert Elmer Griffith.


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