The Cabins

The Cabins

Sweet Boy #1–As we read about Titan, Saturn’s largest moon–“My cabin would send spacecraft to land on that moon to see what it’s like!”

Sweet Boy#1–“At my cabin there would be a machine that goes out and picks up plastic and metal to build new things.” We are learning about recycling in school.

Sweet Boy #2–“At my cabin there would be a long machine, it would go down and crunch garbage and take it from the bottom of the sea.”

Sweet Boy#1–“In fact at my cabin there would be a rocket boat that shot out toward the garbage the size of Texas.” Sadly, we learned from a friend who actually watches the news, that they have discovered a mass of floating garbage in the ocean that is the size of Texas. But luckily both of the big boys have already come up with solutions.

Sweet Boy#1–“Well, at my cabin the lights would last forever.” A bulb burnt out at our house.

Sweet Boy#2–“My cabin would have giant sea bananas.” We had just learned about sea cucumbers.


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