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Some boys have imaginary pets or imaginary friends, but mine, at least the two older ones, have imaginary cabins. We are always hearing new and marvelous things about these cabins and so I try to keep you (my mom) up to date in case one of them should invite you over. Although the location of these structures remains a fiercely kept secret at this time.

Earlier this week sweet boy #2 explained that, “Some rattle snakes at my cabin are just bone. A spider ate them, a spider that’s flat!”

And a heated debate arose concerning the presence or lack of plumbing in each boys cabin.

“My cabin has a potty cause it’s farther away!” Sweet boy #1

“My cabin is close to our house. It doesn’t have a potty so we need to go outside.” Sweet boy #2.

Then both boys repeated the aforementioned statements concerning their cabins numerous times in increasingly louder voices until they were sure that the other one was convinced of their sincerity.

The hunky hubby informs me that after this statement sweet boy #2 gave detailed instruction about how one should go potty at his cabin, but I was not privy to that conversation. I believe it involved the acrobatic feat of urinating out the window and so perhaps any visits that I take to Sweet boy #2’s cabin will be short and beverage free so that I am not forced to attempt this.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

One thought on “Cabin News

  • Grandma Judy

    Peeing out the window. Hmmm, definitely a guy cabin. Think maybe I will just invite them over to my cabin. Perhaps we’re neighbors and don’t even know it. Bet cookies and juice would lure them over.

    Love to you

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