Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy #2–Caught a spider in a jar and named it “Squeaky the Space Spider” and cared for it lovingly for a whole day.

Sweet Boy #3–Rushed over to the jar to see his brother’s new pet spider and upon first glance said: “Ahhhhhh” in the same gentle tone that one might use after witnessing a puppy or kitten bedecked in a pink bow sleeping in a ray of spring sunshine surrounded by flowers. Can you say “boy”?

Sweet Boy #3–“A scramble in mine neck.” Apparently a scramble is something poky or sticky that one wants his mother to wash off.

Sweet Boy#1–Made a snake out of a string of blue beads and named it “Tree shadow on the snow.”

Sweet Boy#2–“When you start to cry, that’s water from your head.”

Sweet Boy#2–“I’m so fast that I’m tipped on my way!”

Sweet Boy#1–“The Humboldt squids that they saw were out of count.”

The Hunky Hubby–“Do you mean countless?”

Sweet Boy #1–“The Humboldt Squids that they saw were countless.”

Sweet Boy#2–“That’s a hunting spider.”

Sweet Boy#1–“No its not! Hunting spiders only live in the craters of underwater volcanoes!”

Sweet Boy #2–Dragons eat pancakes.”


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