Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week when inside on the safe softness of our sofa, I am reading The Count of Monte Cristo by some old dead famous guy. And when outside playing at the gravel pile or sports court or hammocks with the boys I am reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman (which I discovered is not… cough cough…written for children. Just to warn you). Oh, and I read just a little bit from Body of Work by Christine Montross which is written by a Doctor about all the things she learned while dissecting her very first human corpse in medical school. Interesting but not as helpful as I had hoped. I think I’ll send it back. What did I learn from reading this week? The value of creating reader sympathy for both your hero and your villain. In The Count of Monte Cristo both the hero and the magistrate who sends him to prison are at their betrothal parties when all heck breaks loose. You feel deeply the pressures and passions that drive both men and you are inexplicably rooting for each of them. So amazing, I’m loving this book, even though there is no way I’m finishing over a thousand pages in the 14 days that I have it on loan from my sister. She loaned it from her nook so I know that it will simply disappear when the time is up…Ahhhhhh!


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