Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

What did I learn from my reading this week?

That I should thank God every day I wasn’t published when I first finished my manuscript. I wouldn’t mind if it happened soon…especially after this weeks revamp of my story climax, but that is besides the point. I should be happy, thrilled even that no one rushed out of the woodwork and offered me a book contract when I first started pitching my story.

Why? Because it is so much better now. The years of angst and disappointment have been kind to the tale I am attempting to tell.

The book I read for fun this week just didn’t feel ready. The concept sounded awesome and there have been some good moments, but the transitions are awkward and harsh, the characters did stuff without feeling and reacting properly, there was a bit of preaching, and it was just a little bit painful to read. 

All stuff that I have discovered about my own writing and over time attempted to fix. My dream and prayer has always been to write something wonderful. If I am capable of doing that, I suppose my chances of creating something wonderful only increase the longer I work at it. If I’m not capable…well I’m sunk. But who knows, my rejection letters have been getting more encouraging, perhaps with a little patience and a lot of work I can avoid what this author was trapped in, the rush to finish before I’m finished.


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