Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

What did I learn this week from reading? Well I finished up a wonderful book that I greatly enjoyed and then went on to skim through a series that I had only half finished so that I can pick up at book three with a wee bit of a clue about the plot.

The book that I loved was pretty much marvelous the whole way through but did feel a bit rushed at the end. She was able to pull everything together for a happy ending but I have one bone to pick. I didn’t fall in love with the guy that our heroine chose in the end. And so I learned…that it’s not just enough to write about a romance. You must make the reader fall in love with the guy that your girl picks. I somehow managed to fall for the wrong guy and was sad to see him go his own way. Make my heart go to pieces over your hero and you’ve got me. But confuse my emotions and….uh…I’m confused. Brilliant huh.

Oh and I also learned that books written in the 80’s were allowed to travel at a much slower pace than books written now. I had to adjust my expectations after reading so many recent releases as I now delve into one of my hubby’s old favorites.


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