Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

What did I learn from my reading this week…

Well, I tried to read the first book of an author I really like. I think it was self-published. She has a very successful series about a post-apocalyptic princess that I enjoy. I try to give a book a fair chance. But I got about 60-80 pages in and made an important realization. Talent is not enough. One must indeed have a plot. Unless you are a fabulously gifted literary novelist, then you don’t even need punctuation.

So yep, one does need a plot. The book had interesting characters and a cool premise and lots of potential…but it didn’t hold me. The main character didn’t have any pressing need. She just had to survive for 100 years without falling in love or talking to people. But does her true love fall into her arms with a bullet in his shoulder needing to be nursed back to health? Nope. He hadn’t even shown up! After 60-80 pages!!! So yep, I took it back to the library and really hoped that someday I can get a traditional publisher because even for talented writers capable of great things, it is hard to make it all come out right without a good professional editor.



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