Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week I read The Mark of Athena for myself and How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword to the boys. Both were just what I needed. The Mark of Athena was another fast paced, nicely-crafted, YA from Rick Riordan that did not disappoint. It made my four-hour bus ride home from my mom’s a relaxing adventure. And then there was How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword. I cannot say enough about Cressida Cowel and her amazing talents. This book is superbly written, breakneck pacing, perilous deeds, terrible sacrifice, horrible villains, heroes in impossible situations and a cliffhanger at the end of every single chapter! In fact the whole book ended in a cliffhanger, which was somewhat difficult considering it will be another year before the next book comes out, but it will be well worth the painful wait. Warning to parents: there is bloodthirsty pirate action, more so in this book than the last I think. But being the mom of 3 boys…I’m afraid that our family is all about bloodthirsty pirate action and so this book was a perfect fit. A wonderful reading week all in all.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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