Princess Leia Freyja Reads

This friends-to-more romance kept me turning the pages. Sweet and sassy!

A fabulous middle grade adventure/mystery with orphans and young mad scientists and a small town legend come to life.

I borrowed this massive tome (1,200 pages!) from my oldest son. It is epic, so very epic, but a great read and a lot faster paced than you might expect for such a large book.

I got this book because I was told it had a Newfoundland in it, and it did! The Newfy helped care for hurting soldiers along with the heroine. Lots of realistic battle scenes, so a bit heavy, but the character arcs are beautifully drawn as the hero and heroine grow and learn.

A missionary friend who had to flee Nicaragua wrote this book. His words are honest and constantly reaching out toward God as he struggles with faith issues as they clash with our American politics. A great choice if you are wanting to read the perspective of a strong, Bible-believing Christian whose politics lean more toward the left.

This gritty and heartbreaking story, illustrates God’s fierce love for us. Just like the Biblical book of Hosea, the story follows a man told by God to marry a prostitute. He does, but will she ever learn to love and trust him?

This book provides a great way to improve my writing using tricks that method actors use!

A cute cozy mystery featuring a book store owner and her poodles.

Hey, that one looks familiar! It’s so good to see Princess Leia Freyja reading Momma’s book!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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