Sweet boy #1 is 5 and 1/3 and I have tried to be patient, as I know I should be, and wait for him to be ready to choose the Lord. I never realized how hard that would be. I’m not pushy. Maybe I even skip opportunities to tell him about God because I want him to decide in his own heart. But I’ve showed him when our power goes out how God chases the darkness from a heart like the candle we light in the bathroom chases away the night. I’ve asked if he wants to be “God’s boy” and have Jesus clean the hurt from him that comes from the times we disobey. And my sweet little guy always gives a firm “no” or “not today”.

So I’ve prayed for patience and prayed that the Lord Himself would draw my first born into His arms.

Well on Easter Sunday they gave some copies of the Veggie Tale book “An Easter Carol” away and the hunky hubby grabbed one. I had car duty whilst he ran into Safeway and so I read the book. Sweet boy #1 paid close attention biting his lip during exiting parts and he looked so intense for awhile I was worried that he might cry.

Later he accidentally saw a sad show with his great grandma and we got to talking about death. A dog had to be euthanized and he wanted to know what happened to it. I told him that bodies grow old and break down or become so injured that they can’t go on, and then the soul leaves. I explained that God allows us to choose if we want our soul to go to God or not. That if we let Jesus chase the darkness from our hearts we can get new hearts and become “God’s Boy”. He informed me that when he was 5 and 1/3 he decided to be God’s boy. I asked if he wanted to let God know about that decision and so later that night with the hunky hubby he prayed the sinners prayer 5 yr. old style. !!!!!!!!!

He truly understands. It is so amazing to watch God at work in such a little life. But he will pray now and he never would before. He is excited to pray and tells me “Mama you don’t say anything. Just wait and see and I’ll pray.” And together we apologize not only to his brother’s when he attacks them, but to God as well. I am so looking forward to seeing how God grows his sweet little heart.

But now I need wisdom, for sweet boy #2 (3.5 years) wants to be God’s boy too, but whenever I explain he gets distracted and wanders off. Do I jump in and pray with him since he has expressed interest multiple times. Or do I take his short attention span as an indication that I need to give him more time to understand his decision? So confused. If you have any wisdom, please share.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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  • Aw yeah! I don’t have any wisdom though, sorry! 🙂

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