Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

Vanquished by Lake Valhalla

The boys had a day off of school and Leia was very concerned that she might be left behind.

Instead, we let her come on the adventure as we drove up Stevens Pass to the Lake Valhalla trailhead. There was a little snow on the trail, but otherwise it was blue skies and sun with an October nip to the air.

The boys hit the trail at full speed. Sweet Boy#2 even found some strange mushrooms … that we did not eat, but did admire.

Princess Leia was quite concerned as the boys walked out on a log that had fallen across a small “chasm” and so had to join them to provide the necessary safety requirements any risky endeavor demands, a dog slurping your face, stomping on your feet, nosing your stomach, and urging you to “come down right now!”

Leia saved the boys from another dangerous log!

The Hunky Hubby and the boys raise Cheez-its to the sky in victory. We’re almost there.

And yes, I was along as well, just behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Sunlight sifting through the damp forest where we stopped for a snack.

Leia was pretty sure that she absolutely loved fruit snacks … and strangely enough, she was correct.

After an early snowfall, the Lake Valhalla trail becomes a seasonal creek. I attempted to skirt the water, but Sweet Boy#3 jumped with both feet into every puddle he found, causing great splashes and very wet boots that became less and less enjoyable as the sun set.

Despite the running water in our path, we finally made it. The beautiful Lake Valhalla!

The boys and Leia even convinced the Hunky Hubby to take a plunge into the lake … on October 27th, right after we had just hiked through the snow to get there. Sweet Boy#3 filmed the event with The Hunky Hubby’s phone and it was a good thing he was on the ball because his Daddy jumped out of the water with amazing speed.

Our fastest hiker was eager to get back on the trail, but not quite as eager to smile for the camera.

This is truly one of the loveliest lakes in our area and only a 3.5 mile hike in, of course it is also a 3.5 mile hike out!

After years of dragging these boys up mountains and down twisting hiking trails, it was a shock to realize that now they had to stop and wait for us. Yes, I am the slowest hiker in our family … but The Hunky Hubby is the second slowest! Now we just have to talk them into carrying all of our stuff … .



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