Writing News

Writing News

This week was really fun in the writing department, not that the dumping of various snack items onto the carpet by small persons followed by the upending of a full drink isn’t fun…but you know. I found photos that remind me of every character. Some characters even get two photos because one would remind me of their expressions and one their hair or posture or something.

Well then I had to name them. Can’t keep calling my male lead “the boy”. So, thanks to the Grammar Nazi…cough cough…I mean Comma Queen, who shared this glorious web site with me, I have realistic names for all but one of my characters. And really, not everyone has a popular name so I feel completely justified in the unique and lengthy way in which I have chosen to refer to that character.

Sooooo I went to the site and I know that one of my characters is 16 one is 17 three are 18 and one is 21. Well I guesstimated that it will take me two years to write the book, one year to sell it, and two additional years before it is published (I know, I know, I’m being optimistic again) and so, oops my math was wrong, well anyway…in 2013 a kid who is 17 would have been born in…1996, I’m pretty sure. Therefore I put 1996 into the website and it pops up with the 100 most popular names for boys born in that year and I choose my names. TaDa!

Now I know that all but one of my people will have realistic names for their ages and times. Well then I chose middle names, not all of which are popular. You know how middle names are. And finally I looked in our phone book and chose last names. So all of my people have a photo and first, middle, and last names. Since you hardly ever know some one’s middle name and the last name is actually not used that much, I will keep those a deep dark secret, although as you have probably guessed by now I, Kristen Joy Wilks will most certainly (after I finish jabbering uselessly for a millennium) share their first names with you, my mom, and any stray persons who happens to wander by. Oh and a picture two. Remember these are just guidelines and the characters will end up being a mixture of things, oh and one of them is actually 40 years older than depicted. So Anywho. They are…

Keziah–A pastor’s daughter who has perfected the Christian act although she doesn’t actually believe. Oh, and she also has the pseudo-creepy ability to instantly know when someone is lying to her. Ok, ok I like this name because I tried to convince the hunky hubby to name one of our babies this. That is if any of them had been girls. He was perfectly safe as we only have sons, but not knowing that he fought valiantly against it for many months. Silly man.

Luke–A devoted believer with a cryptic past who is determined to unravel the truth that has been denied him, no matter the cost. This photo will help me while imagining his face and expressions.

Luke #2–This is a farther away different Luke. And I think that he plays guitar not the stand up bass, but who knows.

Taylor–She has just recently (6 months ago) been swept away by the Lord and is on fire. Despite appearances.

Taylor #2–Sorry Taylor, no guy for you. Imagine that there is no guy in this photo.

Anthony–Need I say more?

Cole–Anthony’s best friend.

Luis–The EMT or Paramedic not sure which yet.

Mario–Sorry add a little silver to his hair, he is actually about 40 years older.

Angela–A grandma and fierce believer in the teaching Spanish through immersion, despite the preferences of the unwilling language students that have been assigned to wash dishes for her.

Roman–Angela’s feisty grandson. And yes there is supposed to be an accent mark above the “a” but I don’t know how to make it appear. Aaaarg!

So there they are. Now hopefully I can make a story out of them.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

3 thoughts on “Writing News

  • Hey Kristen, this is your cousin Hannah (how are you?? haven’t seen you in forever). I am having such a fun time reading your blog; it is nice to see what you’re up to. I like the photos you picked for your characters. Now when you talk about them, I’ll be able to vizualize things better 😀

    Hope you have a lovely day 🙂

  • Hey Hannah,
    Wow it has been a long time. It’s so good to hear from you, are you still in Colorado or have you and your hubby migrated to some other local? This is so fun, I’ve gotten to hear from several people for the first time in years because of blogging, it’s great.

  • Still in Colorado; Peter and I just moved into a house in the country (about 30 min from family in Colorado Springs, at the base of Pikes Peak) with Peter’s parents. ‘Tis quite lovely 🙂

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