Swim Lesson Prayer

We all know that God doesn’t have to answer “yes” to our prayers. But sometimes forget that He often does. He steps down into our small everyday lives with blessings and love in even the most mundane situations.

I was standing in line to sign up 8 children for swim lessons. Three of my own, three of my sister’s, and two who belonged to our camp cook. Six of them wanted to be in the same class and this meant that I needed to find an entirely empty class for them. I finally got to the front of the line…and wonder of wonders there was a completely open level 2 class at 10:30am! But the maximum number of students allowed was 5. I knew that this spelled heartbreak for one of my boys, the weakest swimmer in the bunch. One more year of being left out, of swimming with the little boys when he was finally ready. I asked if there was any way…any way at all. “No” was my answer…and then another swim instructor walked by. “Sharon taught six kids last session, ask her.” And so the marvelous Sharon was found. “Put my name on this class, and if your boy is ready we’ll move him up.” Oh the joy, my little guy practiced and practiced at home in the tub, hoping, dying to join the big kids. And when he did, not only was he able to learn and grow like no other swim class before, his teacher was Sharon, my swim teacher from when I was a little girl!

Simple prayers, big answers. God is so strange, and so very good.

Sweet Boy#2--The Big Leap!


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5 thoughts on “Swim Lesson Prayer

  • Liz Dewsnap

    God delights in smiling on His childre!

  • Liz Dewsnap

    God delights in smiling on His children!

  • Grandma Judy

    Such a wonderful, and over the top ‘YES’ from the LORD Almighty, who fights for those who love and serve Him. I was so delighted to watch the ‘Tsunamis’ (combine Cyclones and Tornadoes and you get a Tsunami-an affectionate name by teacher Sharon) swim their last day of lessons. They did wonderfully well, each making huge progress in the ‘water world’.

    Love to you.

  • They were wonderful, wiggly and wonderful, I was so proud! Sob sob sob.

  • Sharon is so wonderful too! I loved what Scruffy put about this picture on FB today!
    Cory has done so well at swim lessons these past two weeks staying with my parents. I have been getting the reports from my mom and can’t wait to see his new confidence!

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